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Alfred Movie Update

2013-09-17 17:48:17 by emily-youcis

because of all the necroporn and such, i thot id submit it to try n get theFFEHHHHHHt!!! ;D D: ;d :D;d;D d;d;d;
RelIve the Sexiness!!! Of Teh Alfred Alfer movie 20??????

meanwhile: THE Gg PERn has Over 35000 views and is growwing strongg! Proven to be one of hte most sofisticated , alluring, and provacative G G allfred Perns of teh Decade!!
Speaking of G G , Fuck the Dead is the soundtrack in this Performed by Leanne !! n i shall do the alfered vocals. oh happy day .

Alfred Movie Update


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2013-09-17 17:49:48

Wow you really outdid yourself with this one!


2013-09-17 21:12:58

i have been waiting my whole life for the alfred movie


2013-09-18 00:00:20

Damn- can't wait to see it!


2013-09-18 00:09:28

I am really digging the background art. Alfred is always a classic, and one I hold to be very original on NG. Looking forward to it!


2013-09-18 02:09:03

Oooh, more singing? Awesome! You really know how to belt out the vocals ;) Happi tiems!!1


2013-09-18 02:44:10

Hey Emily did you know that xanga's kinda sorta going through a thing until it gets enough money on kickstarter and that your blog's gone with it? I hope you saved it or can get it back, I loved reading that fucking thing soo much!

Anyway, I stopped being a lazy shit long enough to make this whiteass fanfikku about Penn Ward's butt babies. Hope you like it:


2013-10-06 21:53:41

I hope your computer fries and you have no backups for your current work. The stuff you make is terrible.

emily-youcis responds:

Lol ya dumbass, the file I have posted in this post is a backup. Also I back that shit up like a black girls ass both physically and in file storing websites! Go on, try n find them all! I know I really must be doing something right if I have sturred up such painful burning hate deep within your bowels, hate that keeps you so fixated on me you continue to come back for more giant shits of hate. But it still must burn even more than your hateshits that your biggest accomplishment in life is writing one star reviews and taking your fatass wife to disney world. You shall die with no one remembering for anything more than this, and at your funeral I will read your sturring riveting reviews to me, tear them up and throw them in your grave, and then give your fat wife a proper sodomizing like she's been missin'!!


2013-10-07 19:10:50

looks awesome. Can't wait.


2013-10-08 01:33:56

Scroler: The McDonalds that keeps on giving (McShit life stories and one star reviews).


2013-10-10 21:09:57

I'm like, 95% convinced you're prolly a rly fucked up tran


2013-10-21 11:09:59

I'm still waiting on those alfred mpreg zombie babies.


2013-11-05 20:14:30

This is such great work. Been a fan of Alfred for a long time. Your craft has improved to such a great level. If I was into putting popsicles in my butt I would rate you at the Rocket Pop level. Started out great it got better, awesome and whoa that was even more than I was expecting.


2013-11-17 14:49:07

I will wait until I die for this !


2013-11-28 00:56:19

You have done some stuff.


2013-12-10 07:56:34

Not true @spedmallet I met her earlier this year at NG HQ. She's a young, attractive, short woman. And she's insanely intelligent and poetic, I was shocked, but not surprised :)


2013-12-12 01:15:12

Oh WTF happnd to your last submission?! Passenger of Poops, wadn't it? Saw you peeking in NG just now, figurd I'd pay my respects.


2013-12-20 22:45:32

lol but hey at least you hate me back. You are garbage. You should do something a little more constructive than making fucked up cartoons that the majority hate so I still win :) Oh and it was a great vacation really enjoyed it. Still making lots of money, and really enjoying life over all.

Also go kill yourself telling someone you will do something horrible to their loved one is pretty messed up and just gives me more moral ground to say you shouldn't be allowed to post vids on here, no one should that just post garbage to get people riled up. I honestly dont really care I just trolling you at this point and I rarely really visit your page just interesting to see the very few people that even bother to post anything towards you. You should love me at this point.

Still I hope somehow you are never able to submit anymore of your garbage series. :)


2013-12-31 19:13:01

You still playing with the band? I got nothing to do tonight, damn my introverted nature >:(
Congratulations on the new movie installment. Looks terrifying! Must've been terrifying to make as well!


2014-01-01 02:35:59

For some reason I can't add comments onto your newest Alfred segment. All I have to say is... wow... Worth the wait. I can't wait to delve deeper into Alfred's old house. The animation is so smooth and the abstract art is amazingly brilliant. I am so giddy from the new video as I just watched it on new years! Now I know you have some haters and even trolls, but you know what? They don't have any speck of talent you have! And that's what makes your animations extraordinary! Not many people would show anything like this, but you are brave! And as for being the first full length musical animation video on the internet, you go get 'em! Anyways, always loving and looking forward to the new segments to snuggle up in the twisted Alfred world. Good job and happy new year dude 8D!


2014-01-07 03:17:36

Stumbled upon your stuff on a YouTube sync site linked from /x/. Your work is beautiful. Pure genius. I look forward to what you have in mind in the future!


2014-01-27 09:26:07

lol butt hurt? No. Not even close, I just dont think trash you post should even be allowed for public view, make your own site for your own fucked up shit that most do not like or find appealing.

Taking my wife to disney world is not my all in all fantasy and dream, having a child is which is one the way due this August so thanks very much.

Look I make at least 50-100k potentially a year, you're nothing too me, I just think assholes like you should be locked up and the key thrown out. You are a disgrace to this once fine website.

Get a life kid.

emily-youcis responds:

hhahahahahahah you're having a fucking child that blows dick.
I'd rather be poor and do cartoons til I die than make your salary from a shit job just so I can pay for my shit wife and shit child to get molested by Donald Duck.
Congrajulations on ejaculating into your wife, children are the creampies that keep on givin!


2014-01-27 16:47:04

I fucking love it when scroler gets his shit torn to shreds, fuck it makes me giddy to see his stupid ass suck it down haahahahaha fuck your disneyland and fuck you Scroler, you are a bleeding assholehurt writhing turd of a bitch and your wife takes it like a gorilla.

emily-youcis responds:

love u foreavar chewyy <3 <3 <3
also i need to just pay 50 bux and get the premium so my xanga archive can be preserved. .. I hope its not too late!! Oh if my xanga is lost forever i shall shed many a tear.
But then again, it will be just like every thing else in my life... i am used to such a feeling..


2014-02-20 01:01:06

Are you open to fan art? I recently got my tablet back and was thinking about taking another go at digital painting again, and Alfred would be perfect practice.

emily-youcis responds:

Infact im makin an open call for any and all alfred FANPORN as there is going to be a huge porn extravaganza where alfred goes around raping all the famous internet people to claim that he is truly the king of the net.
Make him rape or fuck who ever you love/hate.
I'll potentially put it in the movie!!!


2014-02-20 18:55:06

resident sex 2


2014-02-21 02:43:07

Yer weird, but I dig tha style and look forward to the Alfred Alfer movie.


2014-02-21 07:14:14

Haha, yes! Then all of Alfred Christ's followers can circle jerk around the magnificent King of the Internet!


2014-02-23 01:22:49

Oh fuck I gotta get in on that! Just gotta get my drawin mojo and shit, I'm lazy hashishcore 269% NIIIGUUH and depression will destroy me until I snap outta my crusty ways of self loathing.

Let's toke sometime, duuude.

emily-youcis responds:

yuhh we shud skypetoke Chewy!!! I would very much love your contribution!!! You capture the erratic shit-comedy of Alfer so well!! LOLOLOLL get workin gurl ul be on the fuckin Grade A OffIcIAL Alfred Alfer Movie gurll!!
I self loathe too very much so but it's okay!! Drawing Alfred Poarn is a sure way to feel better!! It always works for me!!


2014-04-06 19:56:32

emily, I would like to help you pitch ideas for the alfred movie, respond and I will help


2014-04-06 20:09:29

oh and i will watch you 0-0 lol


2014-04-08 02:50:59

How the fuck do you pump out quality animation and style that gets consistently stronger every time? Seriously mind blowing.


2014-04-08 19:54:21

I think raising a family and a job that helps feed the world is way more contributing in society than drawing retarded pointless disgusting scenes, with crappy music and sound effects that gives you headaches. You cant possibly make any money off of this. You work retail dont you.


2014-04-08 23:25:23

Haha it makes me laugh when I see chodes like you talking about "contributing to society" like it's the fucking Wal Mart christmas that keeps on giving. Nice little jab with the retail there, it sounds an awful lot like one of your personal experiences. Speaking of contributions, however, do you actually do much of anything on Newgrounds outside of review shit and trying to fuck with Emily? She's contributed more towards this site with her flash movies and presence than you ever will. You're obviously bothered by this, you wouldn't be still commenting on this news post otherwise. Hell, I bet this is the most attention anyone's ever payed you in all these years on this site.

Go back to Disneyland, Scroler.


2014-04-26 17:08:28

You're a mastermind.


2014-04-26 17:11:48



2014-05-01 22:14:54

It was real sweet seeing you again, sorry I was boring, but, being an older man.... lol, steady on.
Sorry I scared you in the bathroom. You looked like you just finished, so there was a low risk of 'involuntary expulsion' on your part. The Alfer part of me spoke, and I was powerless to resist.


2014-05-04 11:11:12



2014-05-09 01:26:25

Cool I'm excited!


2014-06-28 18:44:55

Can I help work on the movie?


2014-07-08 04:52:51

Can you add Fat Dog have an appearance in the movie?


2014-08-18 22:43:47

Hyped for movie mabe you should throw a little
Death metal into the mix that would make my millennium
Fuck the haters and keep doing what you love


2014-08-20 23:19:45

Hey, you ever make anything IRL?
I'd love to see an Alfred Alfer action figure, with extendible penis and removeable tummy skin


2014-11-09 19:34:50

What's the name of the song ?