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2013-06-20 02:17:45 by emily-youcis

hai guys just wanted to tell ya the next scene with alfred roaming the countryside digging up the corpseys is comin allong swimmingly, i didnt stop hahah. her's a sneak preview /preview

beware: large mp4, if ur intnerent sucks its gona be all choppy and stupid and slow, so donttt tel me my animation is choppy its just ur internet sucks




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2013-06-20 02:47:01

Oh Alfred, why you play in that stink so? Gorgeous work showing the disgusting.
Helikestofuckcouches (the Pico day made movie) may be gone, but I guess this picture kinda makes up for it. Don't know what troubles me more: you being held by a gut, or Sherb thinking about the vulnerable bit of you...


2013-06-20 05:00:22

I'm really excited to see all the stuff you're gonna put out in the future, it inspires me a lot! In fact, I drew a tribute to Alfred just an hour ago because I couldn't sleep, and so I watched your animations and it compelled me to make a fan drawing. So I did! And now it's 5 AM and I see that you have an update! Anyway, thanks for continuing to work on your art and showing it to us, it's always exciting and fun. I hope to include Alfred in an animation I make soon, if that's alright with you. :)



2013-06-22 23:19:24

Thanks Em. I love it mainly because I watch it and am like "Who the fuck would ever make something like this?" And then I think, "Who would enjoy this?". And then I think.... "oh fuck, me......... I like this.... why do.... Ya know what brain? Shut up. I like it. Stop with the questions."
Awesome work, I'll keep watching.


2013-06-23 09:48:06

"The natural processes of corruption and decay have become disgusting. If we dislike the modern pornography of death, then we must give back to death -natural death- it's parade and publicity."

"The Pornography of Death" Geoffery Gorer, 1955 essay, with regard to how the previous century dealt with the routine of death, which was much more pervasive before antibiotics and super-science kept us alive longer.

emily-youcis responds:

HAI MISTER E!!!!!! sorry i dint respond to ur pm yet, u know how i am, completley zonked out of my brain!!!!!!!! from too many cartons!!! Well guess wut, corruption and decay are completley natural and god himself (or satan it seems) made it that it happen to everything!! Just as is the nasty nasty dirty dirty we call intercourse, a fine product invented by God himself! (tho its startin to sound like satan, eh?) And god invented poo! And blood! And crazy little fackers liek me!!
THe most natural all-encompassing things true to all forms of life make people the most afraid it seems.
Have you heard of the Singularity Theory? Where the rich will plug themselves into supercomputers and get neural upgrades in order to understand the infinitley skyrocketing technological explosion of 2045? Oddly enough, long before i knew of this theory, the movie was to have alfred plugging himself into computers and becoming an immortal cartoon character through it,-- pixelated dictator alfred, if you will - yet as we all know the dictator and technology takes over in the end!
Hopefully the computers will be merciful and destroy themselves with their ultimate wisdom for the sake of humanity, Essentially doing the same job as Jesus Christ was spost to do!


2013-06-23 17:24:33

Is that Black Dahlia Murder?

Also you forgot Alfred's tail

emily-youcis responds:

haha i know. IT's Naglfar, they are a friggin sexy metal band!


2013-07-05 23:21:25

You explained the stigma of death quite nicely, and how dictators have better uses for the computer, than rank and file humans do.

I had to re-read your response twice just to believe it. I agree with your assessments entirely.
The only problem is, if we lose the computers and everything electrical 59 all your work will be gone! Unless the NSA has a backup of the internet, buried a mile neath the Earth, in a Faraday cage, that is :|


2013-07-14 06:35:12

haha i don't hate you, relax, i just hate repeated content, that's different!
think about this... who in the world would express hate giving out 3 stars on a homosexual/bestiality animated video? and to top it would still be following you?


2013-07-25 06:19:09

It's Couch Guy!


2013-09-05 14:49:18

After I saw your little teaser animation last night, I had a dream about you :)