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2013-04-27 02:16:36 by emily-youcis

Hy guys, my new clip from the alfred movie Dead Girl Strip Club is al finished. however there is a sad and small problem. Swivel will not convert the files becuase they have embedded swf.s in them. I just found out swivel does not support this. I am very upset, ive been working on this for 2 montsh now and i need to turn it into one big mp4! The files are much too big to be uploaded into one swf. I reallly wanted to get it done this weekend but now i dont know what i'm going to do. ::(
anyone know any other swf to mp4 converters that wont fuck up the embedded swfs?
sad sad tear tear. still below. it's a full 6 minute long clip, and ireally want u to see it. please halp. :(



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2013-04-27 03:49:54

Looking forward to meeting you on Pico Day!

emily-youcis responds:

MEE TOOO!! and guess wut i have lovely helpers who are stringing together mp4's with their magic ! So dead girl strip club WILLLL be preparted in tiem for pico day!! OH it will!! have no fear!


2013-04-27 17:57:50

you're great


2013-04-27 22:13:21

Hey there, you lovely goddess of destruction and psychological thrills. Just wanted you to know, that the offer of having my children and sending them to me by ground mail is still on the table <3


2013-04-27 22:58:27

Alfred AlferĀ© will not be televised on mp4.


2013-04-28 03:35:32

That movie was like looking into the abscess of a demons' herpe sore.

So gross, so gushy, so putrid!

Yet...I can not look away!

I mean this in the BEST of ways.

Because the animation you expressed was so fucking cool!

It's like watching something for amazing shock value.

It's kinda like watching 'cyst popping' videos on YouTube.
Once you start, it's hard to stop watching cyst popping.
It's that weird satisfaction of watching a build up of putridness being released all at once.

Only yours are animated. And it was truly a unique and interesting expression of art.


2013-04-28 07:37:44

use the "record" function.


2013-04-28 07:37:44

use the "record" function.


2013-04-28 15:44:30

Sorry about that! If you get a chance, you can toss me the FLAs that are having problems -- I'll try to fix the bugs in Swivel so that it won't happen in the future!

emily-youcis responds:

oh, you are the genius behind swivel arent you?! :D I thought it would be fullpproof, but I am a ghetto little idiot girl and I taught myself to embedd swf's into everything. Realy, hundreds of swf's I embedded, its so funny. Couch man thinks its hilarious I eveen managed to accomplish wut I did with embedded swfs. ' Hoever they told me about symbols, which apparently is the exact same thing as embedding swfs. So i will just use symbpls from now on. It is quite humorous to me that all this got fucked up because of my ghetto way of learning flash with all those swf/s. Im sure one day you'll be able to convert that too!!! Anyway thank yuo and FI will be using symbols from now on ehe ehheh ehheheehehheh hehheehheh hehehhehhhehehehe hehehhhehehehehe ehheehheheheeh


2013-04-29 17:05:11

A bit off topic but....what in the hell is wrong with your blurb......thingy? o.O


2013-04-30 14:53:46

YYayayY Cant wait


2013-05-09 02:27:39

Dead strippers club was fucking awesome!! It was a deep honor to meet you, and your insanely intelligent mind... sorry I was so exhausted and left early :( Shoulda scored some Adderall from the kid next door
BTW, did Mike get his swivel on for you? Sure looks good!


2013-05-09 10:21:20

Oh my goodness god! This clip was really really REALLY good!
I loved the visuals and sounds, and the animation on Alfred was superb! And with all the psychological greatness at the end is just abosolutley brilliant and stunning in it's own weird way! Poor Alfred waking up to dead corpses and thinking it's all so wrong and scary while Pickles took over and did all the dirty work. This clip is so damn mind-boggling! Keep it up dude, you are on a roll if I ever did see one 8D !


2013-05-09 11:46:20

This shit is great. Keep it up.


2013-05-09 20:33:07

really enjoyd it it was kind of wierd at some time but eh its not everyday a dog gets pis drunk in a Crypt and starts haveing dreams about haveing sex with a corpse the thing i like most was when death sniffed some cocaine and pleaseing himself but ... on top of all that it had a happy ending xD thanks for the vid


2013-05-10 17:39:41

Well, your work can be pretty strange and creepy, but the art style is so awesome and i'm more than happy to say keep up the good work!


2013-05-10 20:51:34

Loved the newest part of the Alfred movie. What was the slowed down/sped up music being played?


2013-05-14 10:43:09

Keep up the good work, bub


2013-05-14 21:21:17

Do you really only see death and despair around you? Um go too church...make some good friends, and enough with the porn and drugs. You suck at life and seems to have missed the whole point of it.

You probably don't hold a very good job if you have so much time for your shit stains on the web.



2013-05-14 21:23:14

Oh and you clearly don't have much of a good fan base, probably fucked up uneducated fucktards actually like your work. Hope you cant get your current thing to work, I'm never watching any of your fucked up shit again it's not very good at all.

emily-youcis responds:

oh i got it to work weeks agao THanksss for the three messages breh!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;d : im glad i made ur dayyy


2013-05-15 22:05:58

From looking at a few of your other works, you do have some talent, but it doesn't show at all from dead girl strip club. I'm sorry, but artistically there is nothing there. Within 30 seconds you had abused surrealism to the point that it became outright annoying. The sound just added to the torture. This was really bad. I'm not talking morally or ethically, as a project this is just awful. I hope that was the point.


2013-05-15 22:08:55

considering this artist favorite stuff is horribly animated porn on this site...this person clearly has some severe issues in life and probably just looking forward to this stuff in enjoy that scum bag.

(Updated ) emily-youcis responds:

i shee i shee. SOoooo i was just lookin thru your reviews and i saw that you have made horrible reviews on several of my favorite artists such as SpeedoSausage, Golfinho, and sherbalex. which means that your opinion is shit to meh. I saw you wrote several on speedosausage's cartoons, you kept watching and reviewing his shit even though it made you so upset.
i beleive me and sherby already responded to one of your reviews with 'go to hell' , but judging from the broom of anger that appears to be constatnly up your anus, you indeed are already there! ;D
Why dont you take FatBadger's advice in his response to your paragraphs of hate and go actually make seomthing instead of just watching peoples shit that is all a 'waste of tiem'.
oh wait i gues you have like 200 points in playing other peoples games too and uve been around since 2005. damn that is a lot of years to be doin nothin but wastein ur tiem watching shitcartoons.
Except for retarded animal babies, ofcourse, you practically shitted urself with pleasure over those.
Well have fun having that broom permashoved up yar anus then, until one day you are old, typing your last shit review, and your heart gives out cuz one of my new cartoons drives you into a furious rage. Then you die and you prolapse the broom.
I loook forward to this day.
<3 your biggest fan, Emily R. Youcis


2013-05-16 12:48:40

Interesting work, to say the least....


2013-05-17 02:45:39

yer on dat 4-chan thing, being a powerful goddess to the un-enlightened throngs, aren't you?
When are you going to get with a band again... I'd travel to see that :3

(Updated ) emily-youcis responds:

i;m actually still perma-banned, Mister E. I have to get my throngs to put the swfs in there for me as I bask. Still havent trie dcalling the company and resetting my ip, tho, i hear that 4chan can block you even then. But i have more than enuf throngs to do my bidding.
my band is slowly but shurely forming back together, after countless events that fucked up our shit (leanne being forcefully transferred to a private school, her van breaking down, me moving back home). Where do ya live il let you know the next tiem il have a show. Then i'll be able to get as wasted as i did in pico day and scream and act a ruckusy fool but i'll have a microphone this tiem (not the little computer one) and people will love it. instead of running away.
Also do you see this massive hate that i generate below? Can ya beleive it mister E?


2013-05-17 23:08:30

I live in the middle part of New Jersey, sadly, but I guess there are advantages... Thanks for letting me (and teh rest of Newgrounds, I suppose) know how things are with you!
Aww, how could anyone hate you? If they hated your work so much, why come here to say so? Are the people, who've seen or spoken of terrible things, terrible people themselves? Nah, but I guess they can be....
I'm so looking forward to hearing you sing, like you did In the beginning of Alfred's Big Surprise, although you might have a more hard-core on-stage performance, if so, I can surely dig that too :)
I don't think rotating IP addresses work anymore, but maybe you can use something like this I'll look into it and let you know soon... either way, you'll have to go under another name/account, and play it cool for a while.


2013-05-18 01:04:36

lol I been around a long time here, see I have a career job so dont have time for flash did it when I was still in high school was fun for a bit.

the animal baby series is actually good though for the most part, your shit is horrible, I was merely curious. considering your reputation and scores you get you are not liked, the fact you have been banned on other things shows me you have serious issues.

I really hope you just get taken off the site really you are a low life loser. You cant even make any music right it sounds like someone screaming while taking a shit, and your animation is pretty bad as well. You are a retarded bitch and frankly not surprised you are likely going too Hell.

Anyways I'm done got a life to get back to. Thanks for taking the time to check out the stuff I watch but cant say I give a fuck what you think of me either. I never said I could do better, but sometimes better to not do something and get such a horrible reputation than do what you do.

I'm not an angry person even sad that your life is based on the internet and porn and drugs or whatever you do with your pathetic life.

Get a real job try getting into a serious relationship or something other than making these sick flashes you make.

I make 30 bucks an hour where I make almost depending on hours and productivity talk shit too me after you work hard all day and make some serious cash, this is gonna be an awesome summer with the money I make gonna take my wife to disney world she never been at that place, and probably do a shit load of other cool stuff that you dont have a prayer to ever achieving, and frankly you dont deserve it. While I'm retired you will probably still be searching for jobs at a minimum wage rate.

Haha you fucking suck at life bitch.

emily-youcis responds:

disney world sucks ass i hope you and your wife have fun being molested by people in rat costumes during your awwweeesome summer. cause you certainly deserve it. Will this stir up another 5 paragraphs? ples sir, may i have another!! :D


2013-05-19 11:56:36

Clearly you have a depressing life. So sad. Look none of your work is good at all, you do it mostly just to get a rise. It's pretty immature and pathetic, though I guess I will admit it's pathetic that I'm even wasting my time insulting you but no one is gonna care.

You are pretty much a troll on newgrounds, I may not make stuff but I at least appreciate a good portion of it. A shame you never used any of your potential to make a positive flash that didn't hurt the senses in some way. I doubt you ever been too disney word but I get the feeling you did not have a healthy normal child hood. With the contant necrophilia and porn you put in your work and horrible sound effects I just dont see what you get out of it.

Also I was at least not all that harsh for your 3d work you made last holloween but that wasn't a very good one either. Nothing you have ever done has been to benefit anyone but the morbidly sick.

Basically people find you offensive like I do and you get a kick out of it. Like i've said before grow the fuck up.

(Updated ) emily-youcis responds:

oohh one more just one more!! give me another ples sirY!!!
fill up my comment boxes with your love!!
Yes it is true, I did not have a healthy normal childhood, i was sexually abused among other things, now my family is somewhat in shambles. But I suppose you would deem that all my fault, and that i probably deserve it even because i made a dog having a drink and a wank in my Cartoons. Go on, say it, say i deserved to be molestered at night while my mom was in teh hospital, say it you bad bad wittle boy!!
Now you do realize that just becuase you went to disney world does not mean you had a good childhood, amiright? Infact plenty of children a year get sodomized by those rat characters, just like it will happen to you and your most likely wretched cunt-flap of an obese wife.
And yet i can still feel joy and love and pleasure and the highest of highs. Animating is probalby the closest i've come to heaven in my life. And that's what i Get out of it. The most you probably get out of your wife every night is a few whalish moans before her dried pussy repells your chafed limp dick once again, and you go to slep unsatisfied and angry for having to lie beside that lard-filled ass, unsatisfied and angry just like your reviews.
Yes i Doo find a great kick out of the peopel finding me offensive, it does give me teh chuckles!!! Just like i've gotten a kick out of your wonderful walls of text, deer sir!
Oh pels, Pellsss just give me one more just one more wall ples comon tell me again how shitty i am yeshh i lovveve itt
<3 your biggest fan, Emily R. Youcis


2013-05-30 22:31:21

Is today your birthday (5/30)? If so have a very happy one!!


2013-05-30 22:33:40

Have you ever made anything inspired?

I can say with certainty that the only thing you've made that qualifies as entertainment is Jesus Christ Porn Star. I'm not offended by any of your oh so edgy stuff, but I do sort of feel that talent is wasted when you cobble together imagery gleaned from adult swim and audio with glitch edits, or make videos of you badly imitating the humor stylings of Tim and Eric.

Is this account just your repository for chuckle spams? I would understand if you had another account where you didn't intentionally draw shadows backwards and badly tween stuff with your horrible voice acting in the background.

Sometimes it is better to get bad ideas out on paper to prove to yourself that there was no merit to them. Then you can decant the good stuff into your non-alt account. I've done a similar thing elsewhere.


2013-05-31 02:29:18



2013-06-01 13:11:36

Goddamn Scroler do you seriously have nothing better to do than leave comments on someone's page that you don't like? You've been doing this for over two weeks and all you've accomplished was make yourself look like a stupid turd in the eyes of everyone that posts here, I mean seriously.

I know that's your alt by the way, I can tell by how you write those sentences, with that aggressive bullshit tone you've changed only slightly once you realized that Emily will throw this shit right back at ya.


2013-09-12 19:58:43

cool i can't wait :D