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2012-01-29 22:12:02 by emily-youcis

Hello everyone. My band, Emily Pukis and the Vagrants, has released a new video. Watch for fun and blood and pussy! ASEXTASTIC MIND ADVENTURE! Love Alfred Alfer? Well then you'll just Like me!! xP9Q

And to buy he Alfred Alfer Mixtape, Please go here, ofcourse. ml



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2012-01-30 13:56:35



2012-01-30 18:37:04 pn2sU

Their message is clear
You have nothing to fear
Friendship with Small Horse is here
Small Horse! Small Horse!

We should all be friends.
That's a good idea.
Small Horse! Small Horse!

Everyone come be, friends with me.
A genius brain and funny 1980's jokes
Won't you be friends with your folks?

It's a funny show for little girls.
Your son might like it too.
Just be sure to watch it every day
Uncle Sath loves you.

Small Horse! Small Horse!
You know you want to be friends with everyyyyyyyy one!


2012-04-19 20:42:23

kind of ... familiar


2012-04-29 03:07:49

Damn, holy shit, and Fuck I'm glad I went to your page for inspiration because all of that and screamerclauz's absolutely fucked videos had me hyped by your music then laughing like a manic at his gore music video. This shit is awesome Alfred is a fucking classic