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2011-09-02 20:13:59 by emily-youcis

Hey folks Hey folks its me Emily Youcis and I'm here with yet another fantastic punch to your groin in the form of Fantastic Cartoon Dog entertainmen.t
Eight count 'em Eight years of solid work has been in the making for this DVD, from ages 14 to 21 that's 14 to 21 - My Entire Life's Work .. . ... . so far.

What is on this DVD you ask WELL sirs and ladays you get EVERY SINGLE CARTOON i ever made that's 1 AND A HALF HOURS of cartoon entertainment + EVERY SINGLE episode of DA EMILY SHOW, the show featuring me on youtube + EVERY SINGLE episode of SMUT CAVE in which I was featured that's right the spelunker and Me's DONE IT AGAIN + commentary by your favorite animator, yours truly, Emily Youcis, That's 1 and a half hours of live entertainment as well folks equating to over THREE HOURS of your viewing pleasure--- I"M JUST AS BIG A FAN OF YOU AS YOU ARE OF ME cuz you love me folks yes and i love you too and now for the first time ever in my and your lifetime you can $how me that love by givin me your money, and i will take it and love you even more . ... .--

Now YOU yes YOU can be the proud owner of Emily Youcis's life's work, and the entirety of the rock and roll jesus hero cartoon dog Alfred Alfer (That is, for now.) Now YOU yes YOU can for the first time cuddle up on your couch and watch that dog on your TV screen. Fuck the computer, it's annoyin! What with pop ups and distractions and facebooks? FORGETABOUTIT - they've already come up with a superior viewing device - the good old TV so why dont you give that DVD player a long lost excersize, brush the dirt off that bitch and insert THIS bitch, Me, into that little slot. Oh yes.

Simply click on the link provided and scroll a bit down, and there you have the option of purchasing! Support lowly old me, who has been slaving at the feet of that dog since i was in grade school, and has alas received no payment or reward for those countless hours of isolation at the computer. You all say you want more Alfred, Well the only way i can do it is if I have time, and I can't have time if i gotta work a stupid 9-5, so I need your money NOW to keep the dream alive!! The dream. . . . of Alfred.

Buy Now! Buy Now! . . . and thank you.

Love, Emily Rose Youcisto buy dvd



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2011-09-06 13:01:52

Man! I need to steal me one of those!!


2011-09-15 17:15:07

Not really going to buy it sorry but I did want to give you some fan art from watching Alfred so much. Sorry /2011/254/5/a/alfred__s_life_is_pitif ul_by_myuuthemew-d49l16k.jpg 1/257/e/8/me__myself__i__and_four_oth ers_by_myuuthemew-d49unft.jpg

emily-youcis responds:

oh my god oh my god@@!! i LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART!! <3 <3 You made alfred a brony with nyan cat, and and you've captured all fo alfred's personalities so accurately!?!?!?!?!?!?! <# ;DDDDDDDDD Dictator Alfred, schoolgirl alfred, Regular Employee Alfred, masochistic Slave Alfred, Little Alfred, Oblivious Blissful Alfred, and the Alfred that longs for Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how beautiful. One of the favorite fanarts i've ever gotten.
Alfred's subpersonalities resemble my subpersonalites so much, and you drew them how they operate together in his/my mind. I've been wondering these days if i MYSELF could have DID!?!?!?!?!? a most astonishing and wonderful thought indeed! Sometiems Alfred seems so confusing to me, and complicated of all his facets and worlds, and so lost in the years of my youth =- but when i get fanart like this, the fans of alfred always remind me just who he is, and i get so much more inspired!!!. I only wish i could give you a dvd in return for your drawings but that could only happened if you lived in the philadelphia area. :D yes. . .. . there is a dictator in me, but he is the boss, and if he negotiates with and controls all the people in Alfred's head, himself, that means he is even BETTER at being to negotiate and control the real life people !!!! ;D :D ;D ;d;;d
I will say however that all of the Alfred cartoons plus the other spam cartoons and misc. cartoons strung together in one sequence (such is on the dvd) makes the whole Alfred saga so more concrete. It's liek, a movie! If i said it was all one whole movie, it would be an hour and a half long, and it would tell the tale of alfred. It is a movie of his rise and fall, his fall into pron. But guys he's coming back. he's comin back, i've told ya he was. it's been 4 years in the making. no. 5. and it's every being realized everyday, at the same rate and tying together with my real life, it iis all making sense, it is coming to me in the fuller every day. Hard to beleive for something that take so long!1!!
I am putting alfred into paintings now, and the paintings will collide with the cartoon. the paintings help me figure this shit out even mrore - teh 2nd Alfred saga. It's going to involve Provokiev and Stravinkyu's the rite of Spring and tyler the creator, and the metalocalypse porn . alfred is a slave to dictator alfred who makes porn out of him. . . .. . . .. that's all i can get in explaining it without it becoming incomprehensible to me. only by actually making it shall i figure out what it is. if only i had a team of people that could animate it for me right now, i could have it out in 2 seconds - but it's too extensively long for me one person to animate everyscene that ive come up with . the only placfe these scenes exist is in my mind where they play periodically from time to tome to remind me that they're in the story. some are written down. i would rip my heart out to do it right now, oh now. but these things require so much patience - this will be a heavy load indeed. the reality and th e pixel world will mESH!!!!!!!!! ALFFFRRREEEDD

anyway, thank you again.


2011-10-14 14:14:28

This Alfred is russian: fhound.html

emily-youcis responds:

but alfred is a pitbull/ a bunch of shit that no one can figures out!!


2011-10-14 19:09:13

Good lawd you're like a ghost Emily. Also pretty much only Mandy Lion would be able to figure out what Alfred is exactly. Alfred remind me of Dog from CatDog and that little brown dog from 2 Stupid Dogs, and also Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life.

Hey, have you seen any of those shows?


2011-10-21 02:48:00

Emily, I love you.


2011-10-31 20:55:41

Happy Halloween, you crazy thing.


2011-11-07 21:44:17

How soon until you've ascended to godhood?


2011-12-04 00:50:26

Oh my god, I HAVE to buy this!