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i do not want to be molested


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Oh fuck, you're begging for money, s'about time! Cocaine doesn't buy itself you know lol :)
I still won't do Patreon though.. can you post/PM me another way to get bread to you, paypal perhaps? Maybe I could send you some cookies in the mail, hmm?

Tom gave you money lololololl, that's insane! No really, if there's another way, lemme know.

Hay Mista E! Yea, it sure is about damn time. But no , it shant go to cocaine, otherwise the movie will never come out!! I'll start my binge when its finished.
I'm flattered ya wanna help me out wit sum cash!! You can definitely give me whatever you want, I cant say no to that! And yes, paypal works just fine. You can drop a present in there! And I'll still give you prize compensation for whatever amount you put in, as per the rewards!
My email is alfredalfer77@gmail.com

Okay, think I got the gist of the thing... pretty cool (and strange) perks you're offering! Yep, so start saving your dander and used bandages, or rather, don't throw out whatever's in your vacuum cleaner and/or bathroom garbage can :p

Very compelling and down to Earth pitch, you've sold me!

Damn you and your puppy-dog eyes.

*throws giant sacks of money*

I threw some money at you. I'll be rubbing the most smug boner when this film comes out.

Good luck and don't pour coffee into the reservoir when you make additional coffee. There's no such thing as double coffee. Water is fine. just pour water in there

How much percentage-wise is going to booze?

I don't have money. Will you accept cheese?

Most interesting video I've seen on the internet today.

wow, an opportunity to finance alfered alfer movies!? i am going to give you soooo much money. i need my alfred. im addictided.

Then do it, ya silly, it simple!! I'll be wwaiiiiiiiiiittinggg like a druglord waiting for the crackaddicts to come swarming...

Donating! Good luck making more Alfred! :D

Wwowweeee thanks a lot Jaxx!! You gonna be at Magfest perchance?

PATREON that's right PATREON

Totally read it like TIGER MUG it's a TIGER MUG

Can I include Alfred as a guest star in an animation I'm half way through doing?

Sure, just credit me and link to Alfred cartoons n shit! And send me it when it's done! I hope I didnt reply to late!

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you're poor too girl?

man, you are the raddest shit on the planet. <3

Great Content Cunt!

lol how low you have come now you are begging for donations. You could try getting a real job ya know.

I hope Alfrad Lives for ever. I hope to some day donate cash :) Also I love Alfrad in that school girl outfit ^o^ Too cute. Thank you for all that you do.

Love (adore) your picture for the Picollage, is there a place I can see it, on it's own?
You know the Art Portal here is my favorite baby, kinda sad you never got around to uploading any pictures there.

I'm being quite cereal about seeing some of your stills in the Art Portal... it's like the only consistently good part of NG. At least it's a few more pennies in your ad-rev playa, more is better ;)

Hmmmm now that u mention it, it would be more satisfying to be able to upload more finished peices, instead of waiting months for an animation to come out. Perhaps I'll make a drawing...

Hey, you wouldn't happen to have any fla scraps around for something like this, would you?
Gotta love those crazy Swedes :) http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/drugfueledanimals/alfred-alfer

Really liked your VA work for that Tinder toon, couldn't believe you pulled off that voice :3
I'll be in the hood for a visit early October, how boot I take you and Tristan to lunch or something? I'm a pushover, so order the steak, lobster and unlimited salad bar... and a big purse for salad bar swag, sweet silverware and jam packets, you won't have to shop for a week

That sounds Jolly Good, Mista E, PM me !

Okay, some time after the 5th I guess, still need to find a airbnb spot to hole up for a few weeks

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